Rejuvenation - Lifting

Biomatrix Collagen Firming Facial
Skin Type: dry, dehydrated, sensitive, stress skin and Loss of Firmness.
Contains 99% Collagen. A special fleece mask with natural collagen fibers to strengthen the connective tissue and ensure smooth, youthfully plump skin. Instantly reduces fine lines and wrinkles and calms and soothes irritated skin. For all skin type.

HSR Lifting De Luxe Facial
Skin Type: Mature and Lacking Firmness Skin
This treatment offers ultimate in relaxation and anti-aging in combination with the luxury skin care generation. The multi-active

ingredients protect your skin elastic fibers and prevent the free radicals. It helps to refine the skin contours and give a new meaning to the word 'lifting'.

Intense Firming Stemcells Facial
Skin Type: Mature, Loss of Firmness
An intensive treatment for skin that needing firmness and elasticity. Comes with Face Contour Fluid that & Firm herbal c improve the blood circulation, prevents water-retention and strengthens the connective tissue to promote the formation of the skin's vital collagen. And finishing mask with a special cotton wool compresses impregnated with plaster to enhance the desired effects. Your face is recontoured to its youthful appearance.