Oily / Blemished Skin

For skin with very acute blemishes. This special course of treatments restore the skin’s own balance with lasting effects. Acne bacteria are noticeably reduced. Worldwide, blemished skin is the most common of all dermatological issues. About one in four patients who consult a doctor or beautician for skin problems suffers from some form of acnes. Acne patients have elevated activity levels of enzyme 5-alpha reductase, which leads to increased production of sebum. At the same time, the natural process of cornification of the skin does not function properly. Horny cells do not fully detach from each other, so that they cannot be shed. This leads to blockage of the sebaceous glands at the outer surface of the skin. Subum builds up in the ducts. Innovative new ingredients of extracts of poria cocos, E. chlorantha, microsilver, oleanolic acid and beta hydroy acid (2%) and 99% marine collagen mask jointly:
√ Breaks the stress-related acne cycle with lasting effect
√ Reduce size of sebaceous glands and sebum production
√ Break up clumps of horny cells and prevent blackhead formation
√ Fight bacteria by releasing silver ions

Intense Purifying Anti-Aging Stemcells Facial
Skin Type: Acne and Blemished Skin on mid-agers
Mid-agers are prone to so-called “acne tarda”, which can lead to spots lasting longer, or even appearing after 30’s. Extracts of African whitewood, Magnolia and Horsetail complexes work precisely to inhibit the enzymes that trigger sebum flow and inflammation in the skin. Blemishes, redness and irritations are greatly reduced within days recurrence is prevented. Hyaluronic acid supplies moisture and smooth skin surface. Besides clarifying the skin, also have a smoothing and firming effect by organic silica.

Intense Purifying Stemcells Facial
Effective way to relieve pimples and blemishes with Horsetail, magnolina extracts, tea tree oil and farnesol regulate sebum flow and inhibit bacteria growth. Deeply cleanses the pores and for a clarified and refined complexion. Alpine stemcells restore skin elasticity and repair aging skin cells.

SKIN GUARD Balancing Stemcell Facial
This facial binds metabolic wastes and impurities and cleans the skin from within – an effective way to clarify and mattify the skin with extracts of African whitewood, magnolina and rice starch, as well as to regulate sebum flow and reduce impurities. Also with alpine rose stemcells restore skin elasticity and repair aging skin cells for an anti-wrinkle effect.