Brightening Treatments

DOCTOR BABOR AHA 10+10 Renewal Facial
Skin-renewing fruit acid peeling mask of 10% - 30% glycolic acid for below events. This treatment also increases the skin’s ability to bind moisture and optimises the skin structure, leaving it look finer and more even.
• blemished skin, acne
• enlarged pores
• pigment marks, disorders and irregularities
• fine lines and wrinkles
• dull complexion lacking radiance

DOCTOR BABOR Micro-Dermabrasion Natural Skin Renewal Facial
This facial with BABOR-registered Perfection Peptide 3, a biomimetric peeling with tripeptide triggers the natural exfoliation (desquamation) deep in the 2nd layer of epidermis between the desmosomes, a protein bridge between the skin cells. pH value 3.8-5.
• Pronounced cornification
• Enlarged pores
• Pigment shifts
• Scars & Impurities
• Lacking in radiance
• NOT for sensitivity and eyes

Skin Type: For all skin type of stress skin need of protection( tired, dull complexion, diminishing elasticity and firmness, showing clear sign of environmentally induced aging: pigment changes, dryness, fines lines & wrinkles. )
BABOR has mastered the stable processing of highly concentrated Vitamin C (industry-high 20%) and has succeeded in making it readily available to the skin. It targets and corrects the most common signs of premature aging by:

  1. Protecting the collagen structure from premature degeneration.
  2. Stimulating the skin’s own collagen synthesis.
  3. Visibly reducing the depth of lines and wrinkles
  4. Minimizing hyperpigmentation.
  5. Scavenging and neutralizing free radicals
  6. Protecting skin from damaging environmental factors and oxidative stress.

Beauty To Go Peeling Treatment
Skin Type: A skin-renewing fruit acid peeling 10% glycolic acid, for all skin in need of regeneration, in particular in the event of blemished skin, enlarged pores, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, a dull, pale complexion lacking in radiance. Combination with regeneration BIOGEN CELLULAR Ultimate Repair products in order to optimally strengthen and prepare the skin deep down. The result is ensures a youthfully fresh, leaving it looking finer and even complexion.

DOCTOR BABOR White Cellular Brightening Facial
For thousands of years, particularly in Asian countries, people have been striving to achieve an even, flawless procelain complexion with refined pores. It is a symbol of purity, health, and social status. BABOR invites you to a world of rewhitening: MelanoxyTM unlike anything you have experienced before. Which ever method you choose, DOCTOR BABOR WHITENING CELLUAR will be the ideal companion on your individual quest for lasting beauty.