totally organic

baborganic active ingredients

The use of “white”, exceptionally pure

and untainted active ingredients from the Alps

Glacier water

- Fossil water from Mont Cervin, Switzerland
- Obtained from natural melt water without eroding
   the glacier
- Is intensively moisturizing and revitalizing
- Rich in minerals and trace elements

Result: sheer vitality


- Cultivated in Valais/Switzerland in compliance with
   strict organic standards (Bio Suisse Bud label)
- Inhibits the degradation of elastic fibers and calms the skin
- Effective protection against free radicals

Result: lasting protection

Meadowfoam extract

- Cultivated in Switzerland, in compliance with strict
  organic standards
- Improves the density of the skin and the skin’s
  surface structure
- Repairs the lipid film and is intensively moisturizing

Result: long-lasting moisture

Oxygen Energy

- Accelerates cell regeneration and renewal and slows
  down skin aging
- Leaves complexion looking rosier and fresher

Result: cell renewal is invigorated