The skin around the eyes is about four times thinner than the faces’ skin with over 10,000 motions per day. Environmental aggressors like sunlight, wind, lack of sleep, stress and over-exertion also take their toll on the skin. Special active ingredients effectively combat specific problems such as crow’s feet, expression lines, dark circles and bags under the eyes.

1. Alpine stemcells: Repair aging cells & enhance elasticity
2. Multivector peptide: Binds moisture & protect from drying out
3. Hibiscus extract: Loosen micro-tensions in wrinkled skin
4. Regu-Age® with soy peptides & oat protein: Optimise epidermal micro-circulation & increase elasticity
5. High-grade yeast extract: Increase the elasticity of capillaries & reduce fluid build-up

The products



  • This new refreshing oil-free anti-aging eye gel provides intensive moisture and prevents the first signs of aging, such as dryness line. Reduces dark circles and puffiness. Active ingredient complex from pomegranate, caffeine, green tea, probiotics and moisturizing biosaccharides intensively and optically smooths lines and wrinkles of the delicate eye area. Long term effect: Age-Preventing EpigenTech Peptide assists to activate and flip the skin cell switch to maintain strong healthy skin cells for a longer period of time. Aging process can thus be slowed down.


  • Organic silicon together with multivector peptide reinforces the collagen fibers & firms up connective tissue to minimize wrinkles. Hibiscus extract promotes lymph flow to reduce puffiness and dark rings. Alpine rose stemcell assists to retain skin elasticity, repairs skin cells against sun-induced aging, offers DNA protection and refines enlarged pores.


  • Concentrated tripeptides, hibiscus and other extracts enhance skin elasticity, stimulate mirco-circulation and reduce fine lines. Alpine rose stemcell assists to repair skin cells against sun-induced aging and offers DNA protection. FREE of colorants, fragrance and parabens. Massage the fluid deeper into the epidermis to reduce puffiness with cooling effect. Ophthalmologist tested.


  • An anti-wrinkle remedy in luxurious composition. Instant micro-lifting patent BABOR HSR® Lifting Complex and 5-dipetitle strongly improves skin elasticity with long-lasting effect. Visibly reduces the depth of lines within days. Minimizes dark circles. Special silk tree extract lifts the upper lid and strengthens the sagging eye contour. 30ml eye cream can last for 5 - 6 months' usage.


  • ARGAN Oil + OLIVE Oil moisturizing lip balm. Precious argan oil has a long lasting eect on the lipid layer of your lips to minimise moisture loss and dehyrdration. Pure olive oil leave your lips soft and supple. For all skin types.
  • Morocco Argan Oil, Often called ‘Liquid Gold’. An easily-absorbing organic product extracted from the
    kernels of Argan tree, native to Morocco. Extremely rich in beneficial nutrients of vitamin E and fatty acids. ANTI-AGER and REPAIR damaged skin all-in-one. Beneficial for skin, lips, hair, neck, breasts, eczema and body during pregnancy. Gain reputations worldwide both as an ingredient in high-