The blood vessels (vascular system)

supplying the skin

One of the skin’s most important functions is to do with metabolism. The vascular system ensures the nutrition of the cells and of the tissues and also supports blood pressure regulation. A complex interplay between the vascular system, the skin’s heat receptors, the central nervous system and the sweat glands ensures the regulation of heat.

While the dermis and subcutis are permeated by a complex vascular system, the epidermis has no blood vessels. The blood supply to the skin comes from a system of arteries and veins leading to it and away from it and also via the microvascular plexus

The microvascular plexus is divided into two horizontal plexuses. A superficial vascular plexus lies below the junction between dermis and epidermis and a deeper plexus lies at the interface of the dermis and the subcutis. The two plexuses are interconnected with vessels rising vertically upwards.