The BABOR Story

Traditionally beautiful.

The BABOR story is a story full of innovations. The beauty revolution began in 1955 when Dr. Michael Babor patented the unmatched HY Oil.

When Dr. Babor Ltd. was founded in Cologne a year later, it kicked off the beginning of a new era in institute cosmetics. Dr. Michael Babor chose the rose as the company symbol. The purchase of the company by the Vossen family in Aachen was another milestone for BABOR. The businessman Dr. Leo Vossen, a devotee of natural beauty, led the company on location in Aachen with great enthusiasm. He thus lay the foundation stone for the sustainable success of the Babor brand.

For Dr. Leo Vossen, skin care products that are in harmony with nature, that enhance well-being and bring out individual beauty were the trend of the future. They were also part of a responsible and sustainable company philosophy.

In addition to natural products and innovative active ingredients, BABOR has always attached great importance to quality as well as in-house research and development. To this day holistic high-tech treatment concepts are being developed at the headquarters in Aachen using the best nature has to offer and the most innovative scientific discoveries; concepts that regularly attract attention.


The 60’s /70’s: Always one beauty step ahead.

The BABOR secret to success was never secret: it is our inner drive to continue searching for what is new; the will to be innovative; the continuous desire to improve.

Beauty Fluids

The Beauty-Ampoule developed in the 50’s became the international standard in the 60’s for packaging concentrated active ingredients for fresh, highly concentrated skin care. BABOR’s worldwide success also brought a reputation for pioneering the most innovative and high quality forms for administering active ingredients. Thanks to the continuous additions of new formulas, today BABOR is a leading expert in fast working beauty treatments.



During the second half of the 70’s BABOR became an absolute trendsetter with the first skincare line for men. With BABOR Men we were the first to succeed in making the stronger sex beautiful as well. Through continuously attuning to the specific needs of male skin we have continued to successfully optimize the line throughout the years.  



In addition to trendsetting we retained our reputation as trend scouts in the 70’s. Since BABOR employees are open minded and perceptive, we recognized the coming boom in long distance travel early on. We offered sun-hungry vacationers individual sun protection based on natural ingredients, which is just what they needed to enjoy the southern realms. Of course, BABOR hasn’t stayed in the 70’s when it comes to sun protection.  Our SUN CARE SYSTEM continues to be developed based on the newest advances in science. With the Protection Complex we are the first to be able to provide effective protection against skin cancer in sunscreens.

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The 80’s / 90’s: Inspiration through innovation.

During the 80’s, BABOR also drew strength from inspiration. The Training and Education Centre that opened on the company premises in Aachen in 1983 was a further milestone in the history of institute cosmetics. Continuous training measures turned cosmeticians into real BABOR experts. In this way we continue to guarantee that all discerning BABOR clients around the world are given comprehensive consultations; more than 100,000 beauty experts optimally administer our high quality cosmetics.

The 90’s were again a time of exceptional discoveries and innovations. We developed treatment lines that were unique in there effects and still are to this day. New additions like the luxury SELECTION line with high quality wine yeast from Champagne, the SYSTEM GOLD system treatment or the BABOR BODY LINE made beauty dreams come true.


A special highlight in June 1997 was the introduction of the anti-aging line HIGH SKIN REFINER. HSR® united an exclusive lifting line which gave the skin new vitality, and a complete treatment system with a unique lifting effect. When BABOR won the Professional Beauty Award in the category “Skincare Cosmetics“ in 1997 and again in 1998 its exceptional position in institute cosmetics was impressively underlined. It wasn’t the last prize BABOR was awarded.


With the launch of the BABOR MAKE UP SYSTEM we were able to successfully expand our product portfolio with a new field in the industry. The first make-up line from the house of BABOR received much recognition and numerous new clients.


The new millennium up to today: To research is to beautify.


For BABOR the new millennium was the beginning of a new era in product quality and active ingredient performance. With the innovative wellness recipe made from Aachen thermal spring water, wild service tree and zeolite, the new body care line BODY LINE THERMAL was the perfect substitute for the BODY LINE.

It is always possible to improve on that which appears to be optimal and we have proven this in other areas as well. The effects of the anti-aging line HIGH SKIN REFINER was improved in 2002 with the HSR® Lifting-Complex. In 2004 BABOR premiered on the internet with new lustre as a “TOP BUSINESS SITE“.

Our consistent improvements were naturally awarded: Among other things, in the September 2003 issue of ÖKO-TEST magazine the day cream of the new Calming Sensitive system treatment line SKIN CARE SYSTEM GOLD was graded as “very good”.


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With the introduction of the SPA Management Training in 2004 we brought our selection of services to a new level. With gratifying results: Since then, BABOR has taken a leading position in the SPA business. The newest product lines BABOR BODY SPA, SENSATIONAL EYES and BABOR DERMA REFINER in 2006 and 2007 confirmed the BABOR credo: always new, always better.



In 2008 an extraordinary wellness-trip was taken around the globe. For this, the BABOR treatment line ScenTao of asia –introduced in 2001- was enhanced with beauty secrets from Africa and India. Khanya of Africa and Shadive of India also brought together the original treatment rituals of aboriginal people and the extensive research expertise of BABOR to unite body, spirit and soul in harmony. More proof that nature all over the world already holds the treasures from which unique beauty care can emerge.   


Sometimes you don’t have to travel the world, but climb high instead: We used pure glacier water from the Swiss Alps as well as edelweiss and cuckoo flower oil for the baborganic skincare line.

The use of these pure and stress-free active ingredients makes holistic and sustainable effects possible: baborganic products accelerate regeneration and cell renewal as well as giving the skin moisture, vitality and effective protection from environmental stress factors. The climbing was worth it: In 2009 baborganic won the Gala SPA Award in the category “Innovative Concepts“.



If you look intently you can find even more in Switzerland. Thanks to groundbreaking biotechnology, in 2009 our researchers were the first to obtain plant stem cells from a rare type of Swiss apple and us it to effectively maintain human stem cells. The first bodyguard for the skin can be purchased through our distribution partners under the name SKINOVAGE NANOCELL.


At BABOR we go one step further and make precision cosmetics that are made in Germany. The COSMECEUTICAL product line BIOGEN CELLULAR and DERMA CELLULAR deliver sensational healing success for postoperative wounds and treatments. In addition it is an effective and purely cosmetic treatment for beauty problems like wrinkles, bags under the eyes, dark circles around the eyes and pigment spots.

HSR® lifting

The relaunch of the proven HSR® line makes it even clearer that research at the house of BABOR is a constantly ongoing process. Our researchers have found the perfect combination of precious active ingredients that have a complete lifting effect in the innovative HSR® Lifting Integral Complex. Thanks to the advanced active ingredient triad Glyco-Stop, Multitendyn and Liftolution the skin can now easily master the challenges of aging in order to stay beautiful longer.


HSR® de luxe

With the launch of the new HSR® top products, BABOR 2010 is introducing a new dimension in anti-aging. The highly effective active ingredient HSR® Telovitin increases the life cycle of skin cells and thereby significantly slows down the skin’s aging process. Thanks to the perfect synthesis of the HSR® Lifting Integral Complex and the essence of black pearls, which acts as a beauty catalyst, HSR® de luxe works comprehensively against signs of aging. An absolute world premier with the potential to be a bestseller.



BABOR is also taking new steps in decorative cosmetics. In cooperation with international star make-up artist Peter Schmidinger we have created an exceptional make-up line; it’s easy to use and also cares for your skin. Thanks to a “Lifting“ active ingredient complex with natural ingredients developed especially for the FACE DESIGN COLLECTION, the products provide protection, care, regeneration and colour in one.

After more than 50 years of professional skincare we look back and see new research discoveries, continuous product improvement and almost unbelievable effective successes.  The fire for beauty continues to burn in each of BABOR’s employees. In the future it will continue to lead to breathtaking innovations that are in harmony with nature.