Sustainable Beauty
Nothing is more majestic than nature. And nothing is as clever. For that reason beauty researchers always look to the nature in their quest to discover new active ingredients in herbs, blossoms or in the depths of the oceans. Nature holds the key to beauty, which is why BABOR is intent on protecting these rich natural treasures. Our commitment is not bound to one single project but is ever present – from the moment the raw materials are obtained until the finished product finally reaches your bathroom.


Certified suppliers ensure that only the best “green” raw materials are used. And we make sure they are renewable. Thanks to state-of-theart stem-cell technology, rare plants can be protected because the plant cells can grow, well tended, in the laboratory.


Our glass jars are also manufactured by certified suppliers and are 100 percent recyclable.


Production, of course, needs electricity. The electricity used by BABOR is “green” because the company runs on eco-electricity and has its own photovoltaic system on the roof of the company’s headquarters. BABOR thus ensures state-of-the-art production that is 100 percent carbon neutral.


The water used in the production process is cleansed in an ultra-modern microfiltration system. This restores it to drinking- water quality, and enables it to be recycled as cooling water, for example.