Sustainability & responsibility

Because with beauty comes responsibility.

If you want to preserve beauty, you must treat it with care and respect. We treat our environment with great respect. After all, nature gives us many precious raw materials that we use to produce our high quality products. That is one of the reasons why we are always aware of our ecological and social responsibilities. Responsibility and sustainability: these are our principles and our deepest conviction. We put this conviction to work by protecting the environment and supporting social projects all over the world. A good conscience is a beauty secret that BABOR is happy to share.


We use natural energy.

We protect the environment, for instance, when we use electrical outlets. BABOR only uses natural energy from the energy provider RWE. In addition our employees have a green ignition switch: in cooperation with Aachen’s local energy provider STAWAG, BABOR encourages its employees to switch to environmentally friendly automobiles. There is also an electricity filling station on the company premises. BABOR is not only a pioneer in beauty but also in energy consumption.

BABOR goes green.

Because BABOR products are distributed from Aachen to destinations all over the world, we attach great importance to CO2 neutral transport of shipments. Within the framework of our membership with the GOGREEN initiative of the logistics provider DHL, the CO2 emissions are balanced out by climate protection projects. By participating in the financing of a biogas plant and funding for the reforestation of rain forests in 2009, 50,66 tons of CO2 were saved. That correlates to the CO2 emissions of almost six flights around the world.

The right track.

We care about the environment and we even give that to you in writing. Since the start of 2010 advertising for BABOR is printed exclusively on FSC certified paper. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is a non-profit and independent organisation for the promotion of responsible forestry for controlled deforestation and environmental protection.

A place in our heart for animals.

Respect for nature also includes respect for its creatures. That is why animal testing is absolutely taboo for us when testing the effectiveness of new active ingredient complexes both today and in the future.