BABOR sun calculator

Identify your sun type

Hair colour, skin type, eye colour and tanning behaviour are criteria which you can use to calculate your individual sun type and the associated self-protection time. Your self-protection time, multiplied by the sun-protection factor of the BABOR SUN CARE products equals the maximum time you should stay in the sun.

Don’t take any risks - calculate your personal sun type.

The result is scientifically substantiated, but cannot replace a medical diagnosis. If you want to know more, ask your dermatologist, pharmacist or beautician.

  • Hair colour
  • Skin type
  • Eye colour
  • Tanning behaviour

What is your natural hair colour?

Light blonde or red hair

Blonde hair

Brown hair

Dark brown to black hair

*These are average values that have been calculated for adults by experts. Children’s skin is much more sensitive and should always be protected with SPF >30. The intensity of UV radiation increases from the poles towards the equator and with the height above sea level and varies depending on the time of day and cloudiness.