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For cleansing, we recommend Hy-Öl and the accompanying PHYTOACTIVE BASE; these herbal essences will nourish, revitalise and stimulate your skin during cleansing. The PHYTOACTIVE BASE has been specially developed for dry skin. As a face cream, we recommend the VITA BALANCE products from our SKIN CARE SYSTEM GOLD. VITA BALANCE lends your skin intensive moisture and also creates a “moisture depot” in your skin. After cleansing, apply VITA BALANCE CONCENTRATE, a moisturising concentrate for maximum moisture which smoothes small dryness wrinkles. Then we would recommend using the daytime treatment from the treatment system and, for the night-time, the night treatment. For an extra portion of lipids, you could also use VITA BALANCE LIPID PLUS KAPSELN.
These intensive treatment capsules will make even flaky and rough spots smooth and supple again. For the sensitive area around the eyes, we recommend SENSATIONAL EYES CREAM. This eye cream is free from perfumes and colourants. This rich but quick-absorbing eye cream plumps up small wrinkles from underneath!  

For cleansing, we recommend CLEANSING GEL, which you can follow with our intensive TONIC. For problem skin, we recommend using the PURE SYSTEMPFLEGE treatment system. After cleansing, apply PURE FLUID first of all. This is an active ingredient concentrate for combating skin blemishes and promoting the healing process. As a daytime treatment, apply PURE DAY CREAM. As a night-time treatment, use PURE NIGHT CREAM: you can use PURE FLUID underneath the night cream. In addition, we have a PURE CLEAR & COVER STICK; an antiseptic concealer for covering individual spots during the daytime.

For cleansing, we recommend HY-ÖL® and the accompanying PHYTOACTIVE REGENERATING; these herbal essences will nourish and regenerate your skin during cleansing. After cleansing, pamper your skin with ADVANCED BIOGEN CONCENTRATE. This regenerating active ingredient concentrate revitalises the skin and smoothes small wrinkles. The highly effective BIOGEN REPAIR COMPLEX will stimulate your skin and encourage regeneration. In addition, the products protect against environmental skin aging. As a daytime treatment, we recommend ADVANCED BIOGEN DAY CREAM and, as a night-time treatment, ADVANCED BIOGEN NIGHT CREAM from our SKIN CARE SYSTEM GOLD. If your décolleté is also in need of regeneration, we recommend in addition the ADVANCED BIOGEN DECOLLETÉ CREAM. This revitalising cream for the neck and décolleté strengthens the skin structure with a long-lasting effect and supplies this sensitive area of skin with moisture.

For cleansing, we would recommend our “water-loving” Hy-Öl along with the PHYTOACTIVE COMBINATION. You should use this for cleansing every morning and night. From our treatment system SKIN CARE SYSTEM GOLD, apply the PERFECT COMBINATION CONCENTRATE to your face, neck and décolleté and gently pat or massage in. As a daytime treatment, we recommend the PERFECT COMBINATION DAY CREAM and at night-time the PERFECT COMBINATION NIGHT CREAM from our treatment system. This treatment balances the oil and moisture content of your skin.
For your T-zone, we recommend T-ZONE CONTROL, which helps to prevent problem zones from becoming oily again.


For cleansing, we would recommend our hydrophilic cleanser HY-ÖL®. This is combined with skin-calming herbal essences when used together with PHYTOACTIVE SENSITIVE. After cleansing, apply our treatment system CALMING SENSITIVE. First of all, after cleansing, apply CALMING SENSITIVE COUPEROSE SERUM locally to your enlarged veins. Or even better, apply it to your whole face, neck and décolleté as a preventive treatment. This serum strengthens the vascular walls and supplies your skin with sufficient moisture. As a daytime treatment, apply CALMING SENSITIVE DAY CREAM on top of this. As a night-time treatment, we recommend CALMING SENSITIVE NIGHT CREAM. The day cream and night cream are free from perfumes and colourants.