Cosmetic and beauty care index


Freshens and removes the final traces of cleanser. There are products with alcohol and without.

Self-tanning products, evenly distributed, can make the skin brown even without sunlight. Before use it is important to cleanse the skin thoroughly, so that grease residues or skin scales cannot spoil the even tanned effect.

These are usually creams, ointments and other substances which are applied to the skin. They are used either to draw attention to certain parts of the body, usually in the face, or for concealment, such as for scars. Generally, skin care products should be used to improve appearance or for medical purposes.

In chemistry, these are alkaline salts of fatty acid, mostly of plant or animal origin. The nature and amount of their ingredients determine the desired effects of the soap.

Is the abbreviation for the Latin "sana per aquam" = water for health. Spas are wellbeing centres, where the soothing power of water plays a vital role.

Is protection from the sun’s UVA- and UVB rays. This is especially important to avoid skin damage such as sunburn or premature ageing. As sunbathing and heat also stress the skin, protection from rays is usually not the only element in sun protection. The level of the sun protection factor (SPF) depends on the skin type.

A wide range of sun protection products is available to the consumer: milks, creams, oils, foams, lotions, gels and sticks.


These can temporarily tone or tint, enhance or reduce the natural skin tone. Pale skin can be freshened and irregularities smoothed out. Preparations with special active ingredients can also care for and protect the skin. Tinted face products are commercially available as tinted day cream, cream powder, loose and compressed powder and blusher.

Is a wellbeing application with sea water, sea salt and algae (seaweed). The numerous minerals found in the sea are applied to the body in baths, seaweed packs or through massages with special creams. Thalassotherapy stimulates the circulation, boosts the metabolism, tones the skin, visibly reduces cellulite, and relaxes mind and body.

Is a face tonic, which refreshes the skin after cleansing and is an optimum preparation for the skin cream which is used next.

These products combine a cleansing and a nurturing effect. 



There are various methods of removing unwanted body hair. These two methods are classed in two groups:

  • Epilation: removal of the hair together with the root
  • Depilation: removal of only the visible part of the hair

UV-A rays are responsible for tanning. However, they are not without their dangers, because they dry out the skin and impair its potential for regeneration. They make the skin age faster, and this is manifested as enlarged pores and increased lines.

UV-B rays are responsible for sunburn.