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Is an alcoholic extract of pantothenic acid and has powerful calming properties, moisturising and supporting the recovery process of the epidermis.

This peptide acts in the very lowest keratinizing zone of the skin, the stratum granulosum (granular cell layer). Here, the cells are held together by firm links made of protein bridges, the desmosomes. These desmosomes act like snap fasteners. They hold the cells firmly together until the body’s own enzymes release them and the cell progresses to the surface of the skin. The skin discards the completely keratinized cells (corneocytes). Perfection Peptide P3 breaks the protein bridges and thus promotes the skin’s own exfoliation process. This also boosts cell division.

An oxygen vehicle used medicinally. It releases oxygen very slowly, which ensures the desired depot effect.

Finely ground from the leaves and twigs of unripe bitter and sweet oranges. Is commonly used for its antibacterial effect on greasy skin. Its fresh, tart smell relaxes the senses.