Active ingredient index


Precious plant nut oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, supports the skin’s cement substance, preserves it from dehydration and makes it supple.

This mineral is responsible for biochemical reactions in the body and every cell needs it.

An evergreen plant from North America, which has long been known in natural medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties. It inhibits bacterial growth, improves skin impurities and prevents their recurrence.

Natural, nurturing oil with skin-like lipids, restores the balance of oils and moisture.

A nurturing oil for the skin, to correct lipid deficiencies in the skin.

Extracts from the Asiatic mangosteen fruit ("Queen of Fruits"). Stimulates the deposition of fats in the skin tissue and thus increases the volume of the breasts.

The legendary marula tree grows in the plains of Central and South Africa. This precious oil is pressed from the seeds of the marula fruit, and is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E. It regenerates the skin’s own barrier function, has an outstanding ability to capture free radicals and also keeps the skin soft and supple.

Melon seed extract is especially moisturising.

An essential oil which is an ingredient of peppermint, it mildly stimulates the circulation and leaves the skin feeling fresh and cool.

This honey is collected in Mexico’s virgin forests. Mexican honey is an especially good moisturiser.

See Light-scattering pigments.

Microstim are tannins from the gallnut. They raise vascular tone in the fine capillaries. Vascular tone plays an especially important part in nutrient function and oxygen supply to the epidermis. Tired, slack skin recovers its vitality and tautness.

Coated micropigments settle in lines and wrinkles, from where they reflect light. This makes the wrinkles seem invisible.

Made of gelatine or lecithin. They are loaded with active ingredients, which they transport in their entirely pure state to the skin, where they deposit them.

Are also termed physical UV protection and are 100% stable. They settle on the skin and reflect UV-A and UV-B rays. BABOR uses micronized titanium dioxide; this has a small particle size, which gives it an especially pleasing cosmetic effect.

The ingredients of milk have a variety of uses: as peptides to improve skin elasticity, as skimmed milk powder in masks for a soothing and moisturising effect. Lactic acid, as a metabolic product of an enormous variety of life forms, is bioengineered. It is a moisturiser for the skin and is an ingredient of NMF. As a free acid it has a chemical exfoliating effect on the skin and so stimulates keratinization.

Is an innovative active system, made from a protein compound and an extract of Italian spices. The protein compound prevents the secretion of neurotransmitters responsible for muscle contraction. The skin’s relaxation phases are prolonged, thus preventing the development of expression lines.  The Italian spices promote the production of the ‘happiness hormone’, endorphin, in the skin. Endorphin reduces the reaction to irritation and the skin is less stressed.

Obtained from the bark of the Mexican mimosa plant, it has an astringent and calming effect on the skin and supports the formation of new cells.

Extract of peppermint leaves; vitalizes and refreshes the skin.

The chemically modified structure of rice starch makes the skin appear matt and combats the annoying shine of greasy skin.

Polysaccharide from the acacia tree covers the skin like a net and releases moisture gradually. The skin remains well moisturised for hours.

Derived from the seeds of the moringa tree, originally from India. Today also found in Africa, Asia and South America. In North Africa moringa oleifera is used for water preparation. In BABOR cleansing products the powder used binds harmful substances on the skin and supports cleansing.

Proteins and polypeptides from extracts of pea and soya bean. This multifunctional active ingredient improves the skin’s moisture content, enhances its elasticity, reduces wrinkles and captures free radicals.

Hollow spheres of collagen, laden with stable vitamins A+E, and also with vitamin C. All the properties of the vitamins are deposited on the skin and are released gradually.


Appears in plants and is also synthetically produced. Suppresses the reaction of free radicals in the skin, by blocking a centre that forms radicals, such as iron ions.

Tiny hollow spheres of soya lecithin are used as active ingredient vehicles for oil-soluble substances.


An extract of baker’s yeast, which is absorbed into the skin like a protective shield to protect it from ozone.

If the skin’s bacterial flora has become unbalanced (ratio of pathogenic to healthy micro-organisms) these special oligosaccharides promote the healthy bacterial flora. The reason is that only healthy micro-organisms can metabolize oligosaccharides and can thus prevail against pathogenic micro-organisms. This restores the proper balance of the skin’s healthy bacterial flora.

Rich in unsaturated essential fatty acids from the fruit of the olive tree, it has nurturing properties on the skin. It protects the skin from free radicals and leaves it feeling soft.

These are polyphenols from grapes. OPC is one of the most effective antioxidants, giving protection from oxidative stress and thus preventing environmental skin ageing.