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Lack of energy can be due to lack of sleep, or to stress or an unhealthy lifestyle. However, lack of energy is a natural consequence of the ageing process. Usually the skin looks slack and its circulation is poor. The skin looks grey and washed-out. The ageing process differs from one individual to another depending on genetic predisposition and lifestyle. In general, the skin becomes less taut with age and thinner and more sensitive. The skin is less able to regenerate and deeper lines and general changes appear in it. Moisturising products which promote the tautness and resistance of the skin are the most important aids to maintaining beauty.

With increasing age the skin becomes less taut and lines and wrinkles develop. The skin loses elasticity and the connective tissue becomes slack. Lines are first seen where the skin has to be most elastic, because of the movement of muscles. Some typical regions are the corners of the eyes and of the mouth (laughter lines), the forehead and neck. Cosmetic and beauty products which enhance tautness can visibly reduce the depth of the lines.

Body lotion or milk.

States how much longer a sunscreen allows you to stay in the sun before burning than if you sunbathed unprotected. In Europe the light protection factor is ascertained by a standardized test procedure, the COLIPA method.

Absorbs UV rays. They are classified into UV-B, UV-A and broad spectrum filters, depending which UV rays are absorbed. Alongside the light protection filters, pigments and micropigments are also used and also reflect the UV rays.

Means stay-on, usually for lipstick which is also termed kiss-proof.