Active ingredient index


Liquid wax from olive-like fruit gives special protection from moisture loss within the epidermis.


Is a clay and is used as a vehicle for pigments. In masks to bind excess oils.

This highly exclusive active substance activates the synthesis of fibronectin, laminin, collagen fibrils and elastin. These are all among the building blocks of the zone at the junction of epidermis and dermis. If their production increases this strengthens the junction between the two zones and improves the exchange of substances. The supply of nutrients and oxygen to the epidermis is greatly improved. At the same time the junction between the two skin zones is important to the firmness of the skin tissue.

From the tuber of the Asiatic plant; leaves a film on the skin, thus smoothing and moisturising it.


Alleviates irritation and is astringent.

Extract of larch agaric (a fungus) of the European larch. Reduces sebum production and consequently refines the skin surface.

Lavender extract mildly stimulates the circulation, is antiseptic and renews skin cells. In aromatherapy it is used for restlessness and nervousness.

Mineral titanium dioxide, specially coated. The pigments settle in wrinkles/lines and the light falling on them is reflected. An immediately visible effect.

Proteins from wheat flour. LIFTILINE flatters the skin with an elastic film, to protect it from transepidermal moisture loss and to even out small wrinkles.

An extract of a green alga, with high levels of proteins, polysaccharides, amino acids, and vitamins C and B12. The skin is thoroughly moisturised, the skin’s metabolism stimulated and collagen synthesis supported. At the same time Liftolution covers the skin with a tautening film.

Extract from the small-leaved lime, with a mildly calming and anti-irritative effect.

A myrtle shrub from China. Used as a fresh and fruity perfume component.

Tiny hollow bodies made from lecithin molecules, which are identical in structure to the cell membranes. Liposomes are transporters for lipophilic active substances.

The lotus blossom is one of the water lily plants. This plant originated in India and is now cultivated mainly in Asia. It intensively moisturises the skin.