Cosmetic and beauty care index


Is a transparent semi-solid product which consists of at least one solid and one liquid substance (usually water). The solid substance thus forms a three-dimensional lattice, and a liquid or even a gas is introduced through its pores to fill it.


Sudden hair loss is often the result of a loss of energy, due to hormone imbalance, stress, incorrect care or poor diet. Alongside a balanced diet and relaxed lifestyle, gentle supportive care for the scalp and hair is also important. If there is massive hair loss it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Is a protective coat for the skin, consisting of water, sebum and hydrophilic substances. This system is responsible for the skin’s barrier function and is a protection which prevents harmful substances from penetrating and from drying of the skin.


INCI means International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredients, and has been a binding and uniform requirement for beauty products in EU countries since 1998. The product’s ingredients are stated with their INCI names (that is in English, with Latin for plants). The listing is in descending order of concentration. Contents with the highest concentration stand at the top of the INCI list.