Active ingredient index


This fresh floral scent has an astringent and anti-irritant effect.

This Asiatic plant is especially rich in flavonoids. Its free radical-capturing properties enable it to soothe irritation and counteract the effects of photo-ageing.

Extract of the Asian root with revitalizing and free radical-capturing properties.

Extracted from yellow horn poppy, it counteracts cellulite in 3 ways: it stimulates the breakdown of fat, supports the transport of waste products out of the tissues, reduces the development of new fat cells, and transforms former fatty tissue back into active fibroblasts.

The nerve endings in the skin react very sensitively to external factors. This is manifested in our skin as redness and irritation. Glistin is a peptide which protects the free nerve endings in the skin.

Glucoviton is a moisturising product exclusive to BABOR and protects from dehydration. Its essential ingredients are active substances which are also present in the skin’s NMF. Glucoviton also contains glucuronic acid, which is involved in the construction of hyaluronic acid.

Essential amino acid and important component of proteins.

Important component of the body’s immune system to free radicals. Glutathione is obtained from fine wine yeast by a particularly delicate process exclusive to BABOR.

Trivalent alcohol with hydrophilic properties.

A fruit acid, obtained from sugar cane or other sources; has a chemical peeling effect and promotes the renewal process in the epidermis.

Green bean extract has a tautening effect, by supporting the new formation of collagen and of elastin.

The extract from the green leaves of the tea plant; has radical-capturing properties on the skin and is used to soothe inflammation.

Ginger is known as a spice from South-East Asia. The aqueous extract is obtained from the root and it has a mildly cooling effect which is soothing for the skin.

This plant’s rootstock contains a very high proportion of essential oils. These make a perceptible difference to the skin’s resistance to stress and thus make it less sensitive to harmful influences.


Obtained from leaves and the bark; it has an astringent effect on the skin.

Hops have many ingredients, which account for their wide range of properties. On the one hand they are astringent, calming and tautening. They are also anti-irritant and moisturising.

These tiny microspheres of hyaluronic acid are precisely adapted to the skin surface: they settle in the uppermost layer of the skin, absorb moisture from the skin and swell up. This smoothes out lines and wrinkles visibly within an hour.

A component of connective tissue; it is considered a valuable moisturising factor because it has a high capacity for binding water. Bioengineered.

Plant-derived hyaluronic acid has a similar molecular structure to hyaluronic acid and has the same moisturising properties and capacity for binding moisture.

Raises the skin’s capacity for binding water and moisture content.


If the skin’s day-and-night rhythm is out of balance (e.g. as a result of shift work or jet lag) the skin is more likely to become dry, tired and irritated. Imudilin helps restore the balance of the skin’s day-and-night rhythm.