Cosmeceuticals - Cosmetics close to medicine

This exceptional skincare range, which borders on the medical, combines the latest advances in science and medicine with BABOR’s decades of experience in handling highly effective active ingredients based on optimal skincare principles and the development of innovative treatment methods.
DOCTOR BABOR achieves results that were previously unattainable in the field of cosmetics.

The DOCTOR BABOR skincare range is based on two concepts:

For intensive skin regeneration
Intensively regenerating skincare with the unique BIOGEN® PLANT Extract. Ensures sensational results in pre-and post-operative cosmetic skincare.

A gentle solution with a powerful effect
A high-tech skincare line designed to treat specific skin problems. Achieves convincing and visible results similar to those achieved through cosmetic surgery.

Experience these unique concepts not just on the basis of the products – but also feel their effectiveness in the DOCTOR BABOR treatments:

Skin Renewal Treatment
Renew skin deep down with gentle fruit acids.
For a radiant, visibly refined and smoother complexion.

Ultimate Face Lifting
An intensively lifting facial treatment to strengthen and smooth the collagen structure.
For a visibly radiant and more youthful-looking appearance.

Cooling Post Treatment
An intensively cooling and instantly calming treatment for extremely stressed skin (e.g. after cosmetic surgery).Gives the skin a visibly relaxed and regenerated appearance.

Regenerative Preparatory or Post Treatment
Promotes intensive skin regeneration and optimizes the quality of the skin tissue. Ideally suited for pre-and post-operative skincare.
For a fresh, rosy and vital complexion.