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In China this is regarded as a medicinal plant; it is calming, moisturising and gives protection from free radicals.

Is a combination of two hyaluronic acids of different molecular sizes. The hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight (larger molecule) thoroughly hydrates the upper layers of skin and binds moisture. The hyaluronic acid of low molecular weight (smaller molecule) builds up a reservoir of moisture.

A metabolic product of the skin; bioengineered. It is used in self-tanning products. It reacts with the protein components of the upper layers of skin and thus makes the skin brown.


This tripeptide protects the collagen and elastin fibres from degradation by the skin’s own enzymes. External influences especially, like the sun and nicotine, potentiate the activity of the enzymes which degrade collagen. ECM-Protect protects the connective tissue fibres, improving and sustaining their elasticity.

Soothes the skin and is an anti-oxidant. Comes from a plantation in the Swiss canton of Valais.

Eifelfango is a mineral product from the volcanoes of the Eifel region. It is extracted in an open-cast mining process and ground extremely finely at 300 º Celsius. The finished product is an odourless grey velvety powder. The main constituents of Eifelfango are silicic acid, titanium oxide, aluminium oxide, iron oxide, manganese, sodium oxide, potassium oxide, magnesium oxide and calcium oxide. The pH is neutral to slightly alkaline and is thus within a range which is well tolerated physiologically. Fango is used cold, at body heat or hot, in packs. The high mineral content of EIFELFANGO supports the body’s metabolic processes. Silicic acid firms the connective tissue.

These enzymes are obtained from the unripe fruit of the tropical plant and are used in BABOR ENZYME PEELING to release metabolic products in the skin.

A sugar-like substance, which reacts with the proteins in the upper layers of the skin to produce a tan.

Extracts of elder blossom have an anti-irritant effect on the skin.


From snowdrops and linden blossom. It neutralizes odours and inhibits the growth of bacteria on the skin.

Secondary plant substances, give comprehensive protection from free radicals.

A polysaccharide obtained from alga by fermentation. Has a high capacity to bind to water.