New energy. Pure vitality.

Relaxation for body, mind and soul.

BABOR MEN offers exclusive treatment concepts designed specifically for men, to keep them at their best. The effects of the high-quality BABOR MEN products are intensified in the expert hands of selected beauty specialists. For millions of years, nature has executed its plan to successfully sustain and develop life on earth. BABOR MEN taps this potential of immeasurable energy for the benefit of your skin. The highly efficient TAUREC complex utilises the synergies of taurine, hops and Siberian ginseng. As a substance found naturally in the skin, taurine lends new vitality to stressed skin. The cell membrane is strengthened and moisture balance stabilised. The active ingredients of this quickly growing vine help to greatly reduce nervousness and anxiety. Hops have a protective and balancing effect on the skin. It helps the skin better resist environmental factors and regain valuable moisture. Siberian ginseng is an extremely vigorous plant, which grows in a region with the most extreme climate conditions at heights above 800 m. In addition to increasing the skin’s resistance to stress, the extracts of this robust root primarily promote cell regeneration. For example, tiny cuts caused by shaving will heal up to 150% faster. The combined effects of rejuvenating skin care and energising massages (e.g. with the BABOR Buffalo Horn) quickly awaken your spirits, leaving you fresh and alert. You will feel more powerful and able to take on new challenges with enthusiasm and endurance. Beneficial treatments with precious oils and the professionally applied regeneration system reliably eliminate stress and tension.