BABOR - Pioneering Beauty

BABOR is one of the leading suppliers of professional Skin Care. When manufacturing our high quality treatment series made from natural ingredients, we can rely on a wealth of experience, the newest technology and leading scientists and experts. BABOR cosmetics unite nature’s best with science to make outstanding product quality.

Our beauty products are in the tradition of the renowned “Made in Germany“ seal of approval. All BABOR products are made and filled in state of the art facilities in the imperial city of Aachen in accordance with international cosmetic standards. They go on to make sophisticated clients happy all over the world. Today nine subsidiaries and over 40 distributors ensure that BABOR is represented in over 60 countries. We have over 350 employees worldwide, 250 of which are in Germany. Together, we ensure that we are close to our clients anytime and anywhere.  It is a matter of heart and a decisive factor in our success and our independence.

BABOR has always been a family company. Jutta Kleine-Tebbe and Dr. Leo P. Vossen inherited the company from their father Dr. Leo Vossen and continue to successfully run the company today as members of the BABOR board of directors. Working closely with the managing directors Michael Schummert and Horst Robertz, they ensure that BABOR continues to set its sights on beauty in the future.


BABOR is an international company with a long family tradition.

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Sustainability & Responsibility

The secret of BABOR's success lies in it's holistic approach...

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