Active ingredient index


The hot springs of Aachen have been bubbling up for over 2000 years, always at the same temperature and always with the same content of valuable minerals: sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium and silicic acid. The minerals support the skin’s NMF and are important building blocks for enzymatic activity.

This active substance is made from high-quality yeast and has a high vitamin B3 content: vitamin B3 (niacin) plays an important part in energy metabolism and supports the capillaries. This reduces strain on the blood circulation and minimizes congestion.

A combination of active substances to calm the skin, with skin-soothing bisabolol and calendula extract, nurturing panthenol and regenerative allantoin.

Apples stand for good health. Their high content of vitamin C and minerals strengthens the skin’s defences. Flavonoids also protect the skin from free radicals.

Protects the skin from drying and keeps it soft and supple.

For exfoliating.

A precious oil from the seed of the Moroccan argan tree. Its high unsaturated fatty acid content makes the skin especially supple while its vitamin A and E content protects the skin from premature ageing. Argan oil is regarded as Morocco’s gold and is used as a medicinal and anti-ageing substance.

Flavonoids from the leaves of the argan tree protect the collagen fibres. Environmental stress and age-related processes in the skin release enzymes which degrade the collagen fibres; ArganylTM inhibits these enzymes and preserves the collagen fibres for the connective tissue.

Natural energy source of the skin cells. In Stop Hair Loss Fluid it energizes hair root activity and the scalp.

Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and phytosterols. These are important to the barrier properties of the epidermis, enabling the skin to absorb the moisture again and remain supple.

Is present in camomile and in eucalyptus, to calm the skin and support the regeneration process.

Perfume component, has a calming effect.


A tropical vine which has been used to treat skin inflammations since the Middle Ages. The extract soothes and prevents irritation and skin redness. Ideal for calming sensitive skin.

White powder from the trunk of Indian bamboo. Makes the skin feel silky and leaves a slightly matt effect.

= provitamin A

Active substance derived from the cell wall of yeast, acts on the skin to strengthen the immune system. Beta glucan supports the regeneration of damaged cells and stimulates collagen formation.

Plant-derived fresh cells from pumpkins are enzymatically isolated and contain the complete cell information and all the enzymes, lipids, amino acids and an intact cell membrane. The fresh cells fuse with the skin cells, where they release their vital contents.

A legend with phytotherapy herbal extracts. This extract of plants comprising rosemary, ginseng, stinging nettle, brownwort, sorrel, fumitory and bladderwrack supports the skin’s recovery process. It stimulates the skin’s microcirculation and generally revitalizes the skin.

Combines valuable retinol, mimosa extracts and fresh cells. This composition supports cell division in the epidermis and supplies it with all its vital nutrients. The cell can then work at full strength and regenerate itself.

Is in all living cells and is an important cofactor for metabolic reactions. Biotin’s special function is to maintain skin health.

Is used for its vitalizing properties.

Derived from the essential oils of camomile or milfoil, to calm the skin and soothe irritations.

The Antarctic chill gives brown alga its special powers of resistance. It locks in skin moisture especially well and its high vitamin E content gives protection from environmental stress.


Aqueous extract of cottonseed, rich in proteins, polysaccharides, and vitamins of the B group. Soothes irritation and redness and is a long-lasting moisturiser.

Marigold. This has an anti-irritant effect and regenerates the skin.

Natural camphor from the wood of a tree native to Japan and China leaves a cooling effect on the skin and gently stimulates the circulation.

Carnauba = a Brazilian palm.

The wax nurtures the skin.

This bush-like plant is found in semi-deserts. The wax from this bush is well known in the food industries. Jelly babies, coffee and nuts are coated with wax. It adheres very well and leaves a slight sheen. BABOR uses it for lipsticks.

Canola oil is a rapeseed oil. It contains 94% unsaturated fatty acids. It therefore binds very well to the skin, is quickly absorbed and is not greasy.

Carnitine is a natural substance formed by the body itself. It is important for many metabolic processes and for the transport of free fatty acids into the mitochondrion.

An extract from Jacob’s Staff and an UV-activated carrier capsule with vitamins E and C. Jacob’s Staff is able to protect the DNA of the skin cells from UV light damage. If the skin is already damaged the Jacob’s Staff supports the body’s own repair system, to repair this damage immediately. The UV activated carrier capsule is a plant-derived shell which is permeable to UV radiation and releases the vitamins E and C embedded in it into the skin. This means protection from free radicals as needed!

Ceramides are constituents of the cement substance and are thus responsible for the barrier function of the epidermis. It is plant ceramides which are mostly used as active ingredients. They compensate for any deficiency in epidermal lipids and stabilize barrier function.

Are ceramide capsules (of plant origin) with an oxygen carrier. They transport oxygen into the skin.

Its high content of OPC (oligomere procyanidine) gives the skin comprehensive protection from free radicals. Champagne also locks in the skin’s moisture very effectively.

Essential component of the respiratory chain. Bioengineered from yeast cells to re-stabilize the energy supply to living cells and build up protection from free radicals.

Naturally soluble collagen calms irritated skin. Collagen is an important component of the connective tissue and restores the skin’s firmness.